Common Purpose Inc.
455 Arborway
Boston, MA 02120

tel: 617-522-6500
fax: 617-522-6595

Common Purpose, a Boston-based batterer intervention program, has provided domestic violence intervention, treatment and prevention since 1989. The overriding goal of Common Purpose is to create safety — freedom from violence and fear — for the batterer's partner and children. Men explore the intent and roots of their abuse and learn alternative behavior.

The agency's mission is to work against domestic violence through:

  • intervention and education groups for court mandated and self referred batterers

  • public education about male violence

  • partnerships with court and law enforcement personnel

  • outreach to abused partners and children

  • training intervention counselors for appropriate agencies

  • participating in a coordinated community response including partnerships with police, battered women's shelters, mental health and substance abuse personnel, and child protective service workers.

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